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                                                                    Family Literacy Program

 Funded by State (Act 143) Family Literacy grant coming through the PA Department of Education.

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NWA focuses on integrating the education of parents and children. We encourage families to participate in four Family Literacy components: Adult Education, Early Childhood Education, Parenting, and Interactive Literacy Activities.


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We help parents to improve their English Language skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing.


NWA conducts Parent Education to support parents in understanding children’s developmental stages. The aim is to educate parents about their children's social, physical, psychological and cognitive development.  We also familiarize the parents with the American System of Early Childhood and Elementary School Education.

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Early childhood education (ECE) is provided by Bambi Educational Center. ECE integrates activities in phonemic awareness, print knowledge, vocabulary development, reading comprehension, and fluency development in order to develop reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

Interactive Literacy Activities (ILA) aim at increasing meaningful parent/child interactions focused primarily on language and literacy development in a high-quality learning environment where both children and parents can learn and play together. ILA also enhances parents' support of their children's growth and development.


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