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We are located at 9857 Bustleton Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19115. Office phone numbers (215) 856 - 7314, (215) 856 - 7316, (215) 856 - 7325. Fax (215) 856 - 7326
New World Association (NWA) is a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit, grassroots community-based service and adult literacy organization dedicated to the educational and economic advancement of the disadvantaged in our local community.

Our Mission

The mission of New World Association is to make a positive difference in our community by giving practical help to its disadvantaged members, especially immigrants and refugees. Our goal is to make accessible the rich opportunities that our country provides, but may be out of reach because of educational or linguistic barriers. By providing excellent and professional educational and social services, we help people attain more power over their lives, a greater degree of self-sufficiency, dignity, and quality of life, and a greater integration into society as workers, citizens, and family leaders.
New World Association (NWA) is the primary community-based agency serving the large refugee/immigrant community living in or close to Northeast Philadelphia. We have a special dedication to Russian and Ukrainian speakers from the former Soviet Union.

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a 50 hour program “Summer Time with Idioms”.

(2.5 hour class meets 3 times a week)
You will enrich your English vocabulary with 100 idioms that are used in everyday American English
and practice listening and speaking skills

The course tentative date is July 5, 2018.

For more information call: 215-856-7316 or 215-856-7314
or visit us:
9857 Bustleton Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19115

New World Association of Immigrants of Eastern Europe


Free Civics and Citizenship Test Preparation Class


Free or Reduced Citizenship Application Assistance for Enrolled Students

Supported by the USCIS Citizenship and Integration Grant Program

For more information call 215-856-7316 or come to our location at
9857 Bustleton Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19115

To apply for the class, you must:

• be 18 years or older
• have basic English skills
• be a Green Card holder

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We have 4 guests online

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